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October 24, 2012
By: Vicki Little
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I heard silence and I breathed. For the first time ever, I took some time away from my kids. I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Vail for a Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom Meetup. Though the weekend was filled with so many fantastic, wonderful and relaxing moments-there is one that stands out the most. When I first got to the hotel room, the door closed behind me, I put my luggage down and explored the room a bit, and I was about to pick up the phone when I just stopped. There was nothing. No noise, no sounds, no crying, no screaming...nothing. Usually when it is silent I run to the next room, wondering what the kids could be getting into now. This time, however, I just felt my shoulders relax and I breathed. For so long I never wanted to leave, never wanted to spend even a day away. I see now, though, how good it can be for both me and my children. In an upcoming newsletter I will write an article about how important it truly is, but for now I am still settling in the relaxation of going away and the excitement of coming back to children that are so happy to see me!

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