Dining Out Guide

Support Local

By Kristin Kindred, Publisher and Editor Macaroni Kid Aurora April 22, 2020

🏠Home Bake Pizza!
🍕Have a great dinner, entertain the kids, and support local businesses all in one move.
Call to Order: 720-398-8118
Or Visit
Mention-Macaroni Kid Aurora to Save 20%

We are continuing our ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR!
⬇️🗣 ☎️📞 Call us! 303-750-9000📞☎️🗣⬇️
We’re happy to bring your order to your car if the weather is bad.

Wing Hut Aurora (Hampden & Chambers)
🍗Craft Wings, Gourmet Beer
☎️Call To Order: (303) 699-9464

Legends Coffee
24100 E Commons Ave, # 103 (4.57 mi)
Aurora, Colorado 80016
(530) 304-7695

If you know of a locally owned restaurant the is doing pick-up or delivery, send me the information at We would love to add them to our guide.