SafeSplash Aurora (Southlands)

5930 S. Gun Club RoadAurora, CO 80016Phone: 720-949-7884Email: llidlow@safesplash.comWebsite: Visit Website

At SafeSplash, we enable a lifetime of water safety and opportunity by teaching the joy and skill of swimming.  Our SafeSplash Match is used to pair your student's learning style with the right teaching style of a SafeSplash Certified Instructor.  Our progressive curriculum teaches swimmers the correct way to swim from the start, creating safe, strong and confident swimmers.  Our passionate team makes our swimmers feel proud!  The result is safe swimmers who will love the water for a lifetime.

Business Review

"The Southlands location is so clean! The front desk employees are warm and friendly and always greet my daughter by name and ask how her lesson went afterward. We had an instructor transition, but it was seamless and my daughter was comfortable the whole time. I would highly recommend." - M.R.

"My child is a little bit older and has advanced through their program thanks to their wonderful instructors and teaching methods.  She is now taking advanced swimming classes there to prepare to try out for a swim team. SafeSplash is not just for younger children, older children can benefit too." -S.D.

"I love the class, the staff, the experience, and the way that you are ensuring a positive experience for the swimmers and families." - J.D.