Picky-Eater Approved: Brainiac Brain Squeezers

How do you feed a picky child a healthy snack on the go?

By Heather Griffin, publisher of Macaroni KID Brentwood, Franklin, & Spring Hill, Tenn. March 26, 2022

My son is a notoriously picky eater. From a very early age, he proved himself to be averse to certain food textures and flavors. Feeding him anything, especially nutritious foods, became a daily battle that continues to this day.

Once he got older and involved in more sports and activities, the food battle went mobile. How do you feed a picky child on the go? That's why, when I found out about Brainiac Brain Squeezers, I knew we had to try them for our household.

The author received Brainiac Brain Squeezers and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

While our son attends weekly feeding therapy to overcome his food aversions, we still need to fill those nutrition gaps we know are there due to his limited diet. What I like about Brainiac Brain Squeezers is that they were developed by a team of parents, pediatricians, and neurologists to include key nutrients kids need (but usually aren't getting enough of) to fuel their developing brains. Every pouch contains the equivalent Omega-3s as one kid's serving of salmon and the same amount of choline as two cups of broccoli. Even I'm not getting enough of those foods!

The best part is my son has NO idea he's consuming a healthy snack. He loves the taste of his Brainiac Brain Squeezers pouches, and I love that they are made from U.S. orchard apples with zero added sugar.

Kid-approved taste, parent-approved nutrition

Recently, Macaroni KID Brentwood-Franklin-Spring Hill had the chance to share Brainiac Brain Squeezers with caregivers and their kids at WeHo Makers & Creators Market in Nashville, Tenn. Kids flocked to our table when they saw the pouches set up.

Nashville caregivers asked a lot of questions about Brainiac pouches. Most wanted to know about the ingredients and where those ingredients were sourced. I was happy to share with them that Brainiac pouches are non-GMO project verified, kosher, gluten free, and free of artificial flavors. 

The kids were happy to have an easy, tasty snack on hand while their parents shopped the market. Since these pouches require no refrigeration, we could easily hand them out for the full six hours of the event.

We had a great time sampling with families and they enjoyed the yummy snacks for their kiddos!

While we continue to broaden our son's eating horizons through regular feeding therapy, it is a relief to know that we can supplement his nutrition with Brainiac Brain Squeezers at home or on the go. We loved the apple pouches, but we look forward to trying the strawberry and apple cinnamon flavors too. 

Want to give Brainiac Brain Squeezers a try in your home? Find them for purchase online or at Walmart Supercenters!