Asking for help

Reach out to your tribe

By Kristin Kindred, Publisher and Editor Macaroni Kid Aurora October 15, 2021

Ever have one of those days, that if one more thing happens you might lose your mind.  I recently had one of those days, where the negative just keep piling up, and towards the end of the day, one more thing hit the plate that sent me over the edge.  

The reason this hit me so hard is that I internalize a lot of the challenges I encounter in the day, as to not be one for a negative talk or thinking I may burden others with my issues.  This is definitely not the healthiest way to handle challenges, as I went through the recent event I learned that sharing and processing with someone else are important.

Here is how I am changing things to keep from getting to my max point;

Only worry about the things you can control

Share your challenges with a spouse or friend

Practice decompression (allowing your body to rest from all that is happening around you)

Create boundaries

Try not to be so hard on yourself.

These are some things that I am simply implementing into my life, to keep me from feeling overwhelmed and wanting to share with others.