Getting back into a Routine

By Kristin Kindred, Publisher and Editor Macaroni Kid Aurora August 24, 2021

Okay, this month has absolutely flown by.  Some of us are halfway through the second full week of school, we are just getting back into a routine and making sure the kiddos get to all of their activities.  Here is what we have been doing to keep me on track; Saturday each week creating a meal plan for the next week (try at least one new dish each week), Sunday update the calendar for the week, and then daily husband and I review what is happening that day.  Yes, we have so much going on that we have to connect daily to ensure that all three kids are covered.  On the weekend we recommend planning one family activity to have a little fun and decompress from the week. We are enjoying the last few days of summer by playing at the pool on the weekends.  Not before long we will be enjoying the fall weather and having Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!   

Peace, Love and Macaroni-