Stepping into Jassby

Chores connected to technology

By Kristin Kindred, Publisher and Editor Macaroni Kid Aurora August 8, 2021

Everything today is connecting us more and more to technology. It keeps us connected even when we are apart. Jassby has now taken chores and chore money to the technology level. I will be the first to admit that I am an old-school mama and I love everything to still be written down on paper. However, having a teen and a pre-teen is becoming more of a challenge as I try to connect with the kids at a level that works for them. This means taking chores and paying them for chores to their level with Jassby.

Jassby is a family-friendly app that is available on Apple products. I will say that I am tech-savvy to the point I can get in trouble. Sometimes I have no idea how I did something and could not tell you if I tried. This app was easy to set up, but make sure that you set it up ahead of time as there are a few steps to get accounts connected. 

Jassby can be set up to give the kids a weekly allowance and you also have the opportunity to allow them to make more money with chores, or you can simply send the kids money if you owe them or feel generous. I love that there are multiple ways for the kids to get paid, but what I love it the most is that the kids can request money for a chore that they did and then we approve payment.

"Thanks, mom, I love this app." Yes, my teenager is thanking me for getting technical with sending money through Jassby. Thank you Jassby for making me the cool mom!! This face is priceless when she finds a specific toy she is looking for in The Shop.

The app has stores that the kids can shop from or get gift cards for places like Starbucks (my daughter’s personal favorite). There is also a debit card that can be uploaded to the Apple wallet for the kids to use when they are out and about. Another check-in that the app has is it lets us parents know when our kid made a purchase in The Shop and how much it was for.  

This app has been making things easier for our family in regards to setting up chores, paying for chores, and simply for the kids to request payment on extra chores that we have assigned to them. Get on the Jassby app and make your chores one less thing to worry about.  

I was provided compensation in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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