🎣Free Fishing Weekend🎣 ~ June 5th and 6th

By Kristin Kindred, Publisher and Editor Macaroni Kid Aurora June 2, 2021

Fishing is one of those things that our parents and grandparents did, it something I know that we have gotten too busy within our home.  Well, this last Christmas, Santa got the kids fishing rods and tackle boxes for Christmas, so no we are trying to make more time for it.  If this is something that is on your Summer Bucket List, this is the weekend to check it out.  This weekend (June 5th and 6th) in Colorado is a weekend of Free Fishing for Residents and Non-Residents.  So, dust off that old rod and reel and check out a local lake or reservoir near you.

Check out these great tips from the Colorado Department of Wildlife;

  • Fishing Report- This report offers a weekly fishing report from lakes all around Colorado
  • Fishing Atlas- This is an interactive map that shows the many waters people can fish in Colorado
  • 101 Places to Take a Kid Fishing- this webpage has an interactive map showing all of the possible places to take a kid fishing 
  • Stocking Report- The stocking report shows lakes, ponds, and rivers that have been stocked with catchable (9 to 12 inch) trout in Colorado.

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