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Shine 11/15/2012 8:31 p.m. EST

Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream is coming to Pepsi Center Dec. 6 - 9!

Save $4 per ticket with this special code!!

Click on this link to purchase tickets

Click “Buy Tickets” on the performance of your choice and enter the savings code MOFM in the “Promotion Code” box.

Choose the quantity of tickets in the bottom right hand corner and click on “Select Price Range”

On the next page the “Price level” box shows $4 off each non-VIP price level – choose the price you prefer and you are on your way to family fun savings!


We are a group of moms at Miles Of Marketing passing along great information like this to other moms!

Alana 08/6/2012 3:03 p.m. EST Hi- I am looking for a list of parks in the South Aurora area.  We are new to the area and just moved to Tallyn's Reach.  My kids, 3 and 5, are used to exploring and going to different neighboring parks but I can't find a good list of the parks in the area with their addresses, etc.  The lists I have come across are not specific to this area and have led me 30 minutes away...I'd rather not travel that far to go to a park!
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