Vicki's Blog

Hello and Welcome to Aurora Macaroni Kid!

My name is Vicki and I am the publisher for Aurora Mac Kid, and just like all parents and caregivers I do it all-just in a different capacity. Publishing, editing,marketing, writing, exploring, playing and creating. And then, most importantly, I share it all with you!

I have been publishing Aurora Macaroni Kid for three years now and has loved every minute of it. With a twice-exceptional son (ADHD and extremely gifted) and a spunky and vivacious daughter, she has had to find things to do to keep her energetic family occupied. Macaroni Kid came along at the right time and was the perfect fit!

I am definitely a mom first and business-women second. But I am a business woman to the extreme! I can't seem to find enough to do am constantly adding things.

I welcome questions and ideas, as well as information on what YOU know is happening! And if you would like to chat, or let me know about a cool event that is happening to your club, MOPS, school, or anything else, just send me an email or click the contact link above! My email is You can also find us on twitter at MacKidAurora and facebook at Aurora Macaroni Kid.