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January 26, 2011

Teaching kids to love to swim

By: Vicki Little
Editors Note: This is the first in a three part series on SafeSplash Swim School. Part two will be a review as my son will be starting his own swim lessons at SafeSplash Swim School, and the third part will be a more in-depth look at this unique company.

My kids are little fish. They always have been. And as happy as I am that they love the water as
much as I do, there have been times where my heart has stopped as they beeline for the pool,
only seeing a splashing good time without knowing how deep the water may be. I knew early that
I would have to make sure they could swim. They don’t see it as a “class” though; they think I am
a cool mom that takes them swimming!

We started with mom and tot classes for my son. I must admit I was jealous as my husband held
my son’s towel right next to the pool, ready to wrap up my shivering son and warm him up as
I ran to my own towel. I didn’t mind when my son got old enough to go to a class on his own,
although I was disappointed by how much time he spent on the side of the pool waiting, freezing
while he waited for his turn, and how little he seemed to learn from one class to the next.Though
if I was that cold I don’t think I could really focus either! Really he didn’t learn much more than he
learned by himself in the bathtub at home. And still, my poor little guy came shivering over to me
with purple lips and chlorine-infested hair. I can only imagine how impossible it would be to get a
kid that doesn’t like swimming into that environment.

SafeSplash was created as a way to overcome the challenges that typical swim classes pose.
In 2005 the parents of two young children decided to open a school that is dedicated to teaching
kids swimming in water that is warm enough to facilitate the learning process and make it
enjoyable. The instructors are there because they love teaching swimming. It isn’t just a summer
job, nor can just anyone fill in. In fact, each instructor must go through a very thorough interview
and training process.

SafeSplash Swim School teaches children anywhere from 6 months and up! The goal isn’t just to
teach your kid how to “kind of swim”. They are dedicated into helping your child become a happy
and confident swimmer.

SafeSplash Swim Schools are the best choice in swimming lessons for four reasons.

1. In my opinion, this first is one of the most important. SafeSplash Swim Schools purify
their water with in-line Ultraviolet purification systems. The UV lowers the overall chlorine level in the waterwhile killing bacteria, and is extremely safe.
2. The water temperature is maintained at 90°. This is actually is 8°-10° warmer than most
recreation centers, and according to the United States Swim School association, it is the
optimum water temperature for teaching young kids to swim.
3. SafeSplash Swim School is dedicated strictly to swim instruction. They are focused on
your child, they love what they are doing, and they are invested in seeing your child
4. SafeSplash limits the group class sizes to a maximum of four students per instructor. This
means less waiting on the side of the pool and more individualized attention your child
receives. You are paying for a lesson rather than for just hanging out!

SafeSplash has plenty of options to fit your needs and budget. In addition to the regular classes
with a 4:1 ratio, they also offer semi-private classes with a 2:1 ratio and private classes as well.
Plus, they offer parent-n-me classes with a 6:1 ratio. The classes are progressive, and each
new level builds upon the last. You will be able to see the progress your child is making as
they “graduate” to each new level. Don’t worry if you haven’t already started with them when your
kiddo was a baby, SafeSplash will be able to get your child up to speed with the rest of the class
quickly and efficiently so they stay on track.

SafeSplash Aurora understands how busy families are these days, so they have designed their
schedules to be flexible to meet these needs. They offer lessons year-round, 7 days a week.
The lessons are held once a week for 30 minutes each time. The classes are continuous and
the tuition will be billed monthly for as long as your child is in the class. You are not forced into
a long-term commitment, but if you choose to stay you will not have to deal with the hasssle of
continuosly registering each month.

SafeSplash Aurora is located at 5930 S. Gun Club Road. You can find out more about them by
clicking here or calling 303-799-1885. They can also be found on facebook here!
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Photo By Safesplash

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