Suspend: GREAT game and gift idea!

November 1, 2012

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By: Vicki Little
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My family LOVES board games. My kids are actually young enough still that they enjoy to play a fun board game with us more than they enjoy playing video games. So when I find a game that we all enjoy, I am all about buying it for not only myself but everyone I know (and I think I just totally gave away some Christmas gifts this year :) ).

When we went to our National Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom Meetup, we got to see so many great products. We have some new favorite items, that is for sure. One of the things that has been played with every single day since I came home is the game Suspend from Melissa and Doug.

We LOVE this game! There are many different ways to play the game, so everyone from my three year old to my 30-something year old husband can spend hours (literally) playing the game and loving it! The kids are so proud of themselves when they find new ways to get something balanced that they didn't expect to be able to do. And it is a big laugh and squeals of delight when our hard work does finally topple over!


A family game of tricky hangs and steady hands! Try this hanging balance game and you'll be hooked! Suspend comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces to hang from a tabletop stand. Sound easy? Try adding another piece! Each time a bar is added, the balance shifts, the difficulty changes and the incredible midair sculpture transforms. Can you add all your game pieces without making it fall? This tricky game for 1-4 players is a test of steady nerves and steady hands.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    -You can only use one hand to place a piece. If you touch any of the suspended game pieces with your other hand during your turn, you have to take back your piece, and you lose your turn.
    -Once you remove your hand from the piece, the move is complete.
    -You can hang your piece from any part of another game piece EXCEPT a spot (notch or straight section) that is already occupied. (But if you hang your piece on an open notch or straight section and it slides to an occupied spot, that is allowed.)
    -Determine at the beginning of the game whether the wooden connector will be in play as a hanging point.
    -If you hang a piece that causes a part of the structure to touch the play surface, you have to reposition your piece.
    -If you cause one or more pieces to fall, you have to pick them up and add them to your pile.
  • Play ideas for different levels available from Melissa & Doug!

This is a definite gift idea (great little stocking stuffer, too!) I love love love Melissa & Doug. We have many products from them and have never had a problem and love each of them!
*I had received the game at the meetup as a gift and to review, no other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% mine**

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