Mr. Halloweenster Saves the Day!

October 18, 2012

A Funny New Hero Reminds Kids What Makes Halloween Fun!

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Is it really all about the Candy? Shouldn’t Halloween be a celebration of creativity, imagination and fun with friends? One storyteller thinks so and is putting the “Aha” in Halloween.  Dad and social entrepreneur Noam Kugelmass is the creator of a new character, Mr. Halloweenster, whose mission is to do just that.

Mr. Halloweenster is the star in a new animated film and book, “Mr. Halloweenster Saves the Day”.  In the short animated children's film and storybook, Mr. Halloweenster’s message is that Halloween isn't just about candy; the real fun comes from creativity and imagination, wearing costumes and being silly. 

Kids know when it comes to Halloween fun they can always count on Mr. Halloweenster. But this time, while Mr. Halloweenster is helping the kids get ready for the big day, there's something tricky happening at the JunkVittles Candy factory. Mr. MeanyPants and Dr. JunkVittles are making candy that will trick the kids to forget about their Halloween costumes and the Halloween parade. Only Mr. Halloweenster can save the day!
According to a recent Macaroni Kid survey, 54% of kids will collect more than 50 pieces of candy this Halloween!  So it’s a good thing that Mr. Halloweenster also promotes healthier treats for Halloween, you can see more here.

On the site there are other tools and tips for a fun and creative Halloween including free pumpkin-carving stencils, sticker templates, and a download of the movie’s theme song, “We Love Halloween!”

So this Halloween let Mr. Halloweenster be the hero for the whole family and help your child to think outside the candy wrapper.

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