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Memphis hits the Buell Theater

October 10, 2012

Macaroni Reviews

By: Vicki Little
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It...was...AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. From the first opening line to the last beat of the drum, I was fully fixated on the stage. The dances were entrancing, the one-liners were comedic, and the music was fantastically bone-chilling.

Memphis is a fast-paced, toe-tapping musical in which Huey Calhoun ignores what is "right" and "proper" between whites and blacks in 1950's Memphis. All he knows is that he loves music he hears coming from the local bar, and he wants to share it with the world. The problem is that the world just may not be quite ready for it yet. But Huey isn't one to give up...on the music OR the girl he loves.

With the perfect measure of shock and tact, Memphis takes on this taboo topic; throwing in humor and impressive singing in the process. We were pulled into the musical; cringing, cheering, crying, and dancing with the rest of them. As we were leaving the show, another patron told me that she could only imagine how impressive the show must have been on Broadway with the original cast. In my opinion, this may as well have been the original cast. And yes, we looked up Bryan Renkart during the intermission. He is a cutie.

Memphis runs at the Buell Theater from October 10th through October 21st. Ticket prices and showtimes vary, purchase tickets at www.denvercenter.org.

*I was given tickets to the show in editorial capacity to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine**

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