Halloween Craft: Frankenstein treat holder!

October 10, 2012

Macaroni Made!

By: Vicki Little
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Vicki Little

Empty (and cleaned) soup, veggie, whatever can
sheet of black felt
Sheet of green felt
2 Black Chenille stems
Sheet of white felt
teeny bit of white paint, or just use some more white felt
Hot glue-or regular


  1. Make sure can does not have any sharp edges around the opening. If it does, use a piece of sandpaper to sand them down.
  2. Lay green felt flat. Lay the can down on to the felt. Roll the can up in the felt to see exactly how much you will need to go all the way around the can. Trim, leaving about 1/2" overlap. Leave about 1" overlap that will fold over the bottom of the can as well as a 1" overlap for the top (mouth) of the can. Glue the green felt around the can, glue the excess overlap to the bottom and inside the mouth of the can.
  3. To create the hair, lay the black felt on the work surface and place the can on top like you did for the green. Roll can up in the black felt and measure about 2" down from the top of the can. Trim excess. Before gluing black felt, cut one side in a grass-like scissor cut for the hair.
  4. Glue the hair in place
  5. Using the photo as a guide, cut out two white half circles for the white of the eyes, two small circles for the pupils, and a small black half circle for the nose. Glue into place.
  6. Take one black chenille stem and cut into four pieces. Wrap two around a pencil to curl tightly and glue on the sides of the can for the bolts. Use the other two for the eyebrows (may need to trim these a little shorter)
  7. Use the second chenille stem to form the mouth
  8. Using some white paint, felt, or white chenille stem, make a small little scar over one eyebrow.
  9. And there is your pencil/candy/whatever holder!
  10. Cut out the pattern for the nose from the light green felt and glue in place.

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