Inquisitive Iceberg

August 30, 2012

Create an Unusual Object that will Engage Your Children

By: Kali Slusser, mom, teacher, preschool playdate planner
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Kali Slusser
"What is that?" one kid will ask.

"Is that jello?" another will question.

"Spend some time to observe it today," you will tell them.

Well here is what it is and how you can make a version of your own:

  • Food dye (optional)
  • water
  • plastic container
  • small items (match your unit of discovery, used here - magnetic letters)

  1. pour water and food coloring mixture into plastic container about a half an inch deep
  2. add your small items
  3. freeze until the liquid is solid
  4. add more small toys and another layer of colored water
  5. freeze and continue layering and freezing until your container is full or about 4-5 inches deep
  6. remove from freezer, place in the middle of a Pyrex dish or water/ sand table and allow children to observe the ice block

Use and encourage them to use KEY vocabulary words such as:
  • observe= see, hear, touch, smell, taste (maybe)
  • predict=guess what will occur

Ask questions such as:
  • What do you see happening?
  • What will that turn into when it melts?
  • What letter do you predict that will be? (pointing)
  • How can we help this melt faster?

Other lessons you can add to this activity:
  • letter identification
  • color mixing
  • critical thinking
  • stages of matter (ice to water)

I would LOVE to hear what else you could do with your iceberg that will be melting on your tables this week! Share with us below!

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