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August 15, 2012

A letter from the Publisher

By: Vicki Little
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I think pretty much all of the schools are just about back in session! I know many college kids that have already headed off and are settling in before classes, and most of my friend's children have started school or will be doing so in the next week. My youngest doesn't start until the week after, but I am okay with having just a bit more time with her before she is off on her journey through education! I hope you are all settling nicely into your routines! I am definitely seeing the benefits of having a more set schedule!

The weather is still hot though (as my son will reminds me every day on our walk home!), so be sure you are sending those kids off dressed appropriately with a water bottle handy! And don't forget to take some time for yourself, if even for just a cup of coffee, and enjoy the quiet that the school year brings!

What you can find in this issue:
MACARONI RECIPES: Quick and healthy breakfasts to get your student's day started right!
MACARONI ADVICE: One woman's heartwrenching story about her battle with cancer.
MACARONI CRAFT: A great and easy checklist to make your mornings easier.
MACARONI MOVIES: a sneak peak at Paranorman
MACARONI REVIEWS: A continued review of Uncle Milton Toys-Night games!

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