Night Fun with Uncle Milton

August 15, 2012
By: Vicki Little
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Last week I told you all about the fun daytime toys that we had the chance to review from Uncle Milton. But that isn't all we got! After that fun time exploring in the daylight, we also had the opportunity to review some night time toys as well!

Camping at night is definitely a bit more intimidating for little ones. I always make sure to have PLENTY of flashlights, but Uncle Milton has joined fun and flashlights in a cool way with toys for the kids; the High Sierra Headlamp, the Expedition Sky Flare and Shoe Lights!

The headlamp is great for the kids. Keeps their hands free while they can see in the dark to get to the bathroom, explore, or do whatever else they find is fun doing (like reading in the tent!!). The shoelights are supercool, who wouldn't want a pair? I think it is hilarious to watch your kids little feet bouncing around (and yes, my kids DO bounce if they have lights on their shoes).

The coolest night toy from Uncle Milton, though, is the Expedition Sky Flare! My kids (ahem and husband) spend forever watching the Expedition Sky Flare spiral back down to them. There are some great learning games for the older kids, like trying to hit a bullseye, judging wind speed, and having contests. For the younger kids, it can be a simple fun game like a twist of "Marco Polo".

What is also great is there is a small safety factor in the toy. If for some reason you and your child get a little too far apart at night, you can easily find where they are at when they shoot the fun spiraling light in the air!

I LOVE Uncle Milton toys and I cannot wait to test the last few games we got! Learn more about these great toys HERE! Uncle Milton is a proud supporter of Macaroni Kid!

I was given a sample of toys to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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