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August 8, 2012

A review of Uncle Milton's toys!

By: Vicki Little
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My family went on a couple of camping trips this summer, and we had a blast. I also discovered that I have two little explorers that love to go on adventures! Watching them play and explore gave me some great gift ideas, and with the help of Uncle Milton, those ideas became reality and now my kids are exploring the trees in our own backyard when we aren’t camping in the “real” outdoors!

Uncle Milton’s has a great selection of Explorer toys for all different interests. My daughter is definitely not a night explorer so she really enjoys the All Terrain Collector. She is a bit young for the navigation tool, but that is okay because her dad and big brother stole that right from the box the second I got it opened. And all four of us are enjoying the Earth Tag game.

The All Terrain Nature Collector literally kept my kids busy for three (yes, you read that right-three!) hours! They went through the trees in our backyard and found all sorts of bugs that they picked up and inspected, brought inside for me to inspect (yuck) and then put back in the trees. They loved it!

Earth Tag was actually a lot of fun for all of us and we even play it while we walk my son to school. It is a little slingshot with a soft ball. We kind of use it like an eye-spy game to keep the kids occupied on the walk to school. It is also a lot of fun for a group of kids…because really, who doesn’t like to play with a slingshot?

And finally, Dad and son couldn’t get enough of the navigation tool. I am still not sure who likes it more. I will even admit it is a pretty fancy little gadget and would have served us well during our camping trips.  The 4-in-1 navigation tool includes a compass, thermometer, signal mirror and whistle.  I am actually keeping that one safe when it isn’t in use because it really is a great tool to use and I don’t want it to get broken.

My little explorers are definitely learning quite a bit about nature! Between bugs and learning which way is north and south (and noticing that the sun sets in the West) they think they are just having fun. But this mom knows that these are much more than toys!

You can find all of these fantastic toys here!

*My family received a sample of the products to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way*

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