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August 8, 2012

Ribbon-Button Bookmark

By: Kyetra Belton
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Kyetra Belton
Note from Editor: As I was waiting for my very first PTCO meeting the other night, I glanced around at the cute little library and tried to imagine my son browsing through the books. I looked at all the posters, and realized I was one of the "offfenders" of library books. I never even thought about it. But the poster was about how books don't like dog-ears (bending the corner of the book). I know, I know, it is probably a pet peeve of many, I have just always done it and never thought about it. So, I decided to change my ways so my son wouldn't follow my bad habits. And then I went looking for this article I knew a fellow PM wrote to help make my family some cute bookmarks to save our library books from getting dog-eared.

These are SO simple and easy! Cute bookmarks for all those kids going back to school soon.

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (grosgrain works best)
  • Buttons
  • Thread or embroidery floss
  • Lighter or a fray away product (I prefer the lighter since it it faster)

Take you ribbon and measure it into 18 inch pieces. If it wrinkled, like mine always is, you can give it a quick trip under the iron.

To keep the ends from fraying with use, you can use Fray Away, or a lighter. I use the lighter since it is faster. Just make sure that the ribbon you are using is not flammable.

Start with one end of the ribbon and fold it over, about one inch. (Photo 1) Place your button where you like and sew it on.

(Photo 2) You can use regular thread or embroidery floss. The embroidery floss comes in great colors and holds well.

And the next thing you know, you have bookmarks!

Be sure to look for a few special buttons. They cost a little more but them make with most adorable bookmarks. Remember~Children use things they help pick out themselves and take part in making.

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