Company Spotlight: Final Touch Housekeeping

August 1, 2012
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Being a parent is exhausting work. Whether you stay at home, work at home, or work out of the house, there are more items on the to-do list than there is time in the day to do them. One of my favorite little cartoon quotes is “Excuse the mess, my children are busy making memories.” As much as I love this quote, though, I would LOVE a clean house! A husband, two kids, two dogs, two cats and a work-at-home job equal a dirty house and not much time to clean it. In all honesty, though, I have always been nervous to try out a maid service. Not just the money, but also because I want someone that I can trust to treat my home as their own without overcharging me.

Final Touch Housekeeping is a two-time winner for the Best of Aurora Award (2011 and 2012), and are also an accredited member with the BBB. They offer solutions for any need you may have; including move-in/move-out, one-time, and party cleanings. Final Touch Housekeeping also offers a la carte options to allow for that something extra (in my case, the chores I really don’t like to do but I know have to be done). They offer tops of cupboards, blinds, baseboards (my worst enemy), door/trim/handle, deep cupboard doors, detailing sliding glass doors and tracks, detailing kitchen table and chairs and even LAUNDRY FOLDING !!! 

Final Touch Housekeeping doesn’t nickel and dime you for the things that you would clean if you were doing it yourself. They have a standard task list that exceeds what I would clean for a birthday party J . I have also been following Final Touch Housekeeping on Facebook and twitter and I love the suggestions and zone cleaning recommendations that they have! In addition, you can specify what you want and what your needs are. Best part, in my opinion (and just a suggestion for my family and friends), is the gift certificates. Even the hard to shop for parents can use a clean house waiting for them when they get home! Not only are you giving them the comfort of a clean home, but you will also be buying them extra time to spend with their family.

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