Finding Peace in Aurora

July 24, 2012
By: Vicki Little
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I am not even sure what to say to begin this newsletter. Most of what I feel was let out in the article I wrote below, and now I am feeling a bit numb and trying to heal. What you may not know is that Aurora isn't just the place I publish a newsletter for, Aurora is my home, and has been since I was born. For a few years I lived in other cities for college and after, but I have come back to the place I have always called home. This truly is my community and I do care for it. I wish there was so much more I could do for my community and those involved. I wish I could take the pain away. But I can only do so much. I am so very proud of Aurora, of all of those that have come forward to help out and show their support and love. Companies that are coming forward to do what they can, individuals and even small children visiting the site and leaving small tokens of thoughts and affection. Aurora has shown compassion, support, community, dignity, and heroism in a way that speaks volumes around the world.

There is an article that includes resources if you need or would like to help those affected by the tragedy. There is also a link to last week's article that I added after the newsletter was published that has an article on talking to your kids, if you haven't already or if they are still struggling. Children's Hospital is a fantastic resource for this. I know that Aurora can overcome this tragedy, that we can be even stronger than we were before.

So, in spirit of my article below, I am going to enjoy to the fullest my last full week before my son officially starts kindergarten. We are planning a fun group camping trip and I am so excited to unplug for two days and just spend some much needed quality time with my children. They are growing up so fast, and I think we were all reminded recently just how important it is to love those in your life and live each day to the fullest.

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