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July 19, 2012
By: Vicki Little
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The school year buzz is starting about a month earlier for me than most of you because my son will be going to a track school. I have always LOVED buying school supplies. The wonderful smells of new folders and backpacks and markers (anyone remember trapper keepers?) New shoes, new haircuts, new clothes. There was always something wonderful about getting ready for the new school year. I had mixed emotions this time around with my son. Part of me still felt the giddiness of a child, some of me felt pure excitement for my son, and most of me felt hugely sentimental and a bit sad that my firstborn is starting kindergarten. How could this be? The backpack is as big as him it seems. I didn't have much time to be sappy and sentimental, though, because then came time to pay for all those items that were so carefully checked off the school list. Buying school supplies was a lot more fun when I wasn't the one paying for them!

We have definitely been staying busy checking off our to-do list for the summer. This past week included fishing, Elitch Gardens, and Pirate's Cove. But there is so much more going on around town! Especially this week! Check it out and stay busy!

Have a wonderful week!

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