Aurora Just Between Friends Sale part 2

July 19, 2012

Pricing and Tagging

By: Vicki Little
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A few weeks ago I wrote about getting your stuff ready for pricing and tagging. Now that all that is done (or will be after you go back and read it lol), it is time to start pricing and tagging. I won’t lie. The first time I did pricing I was frustrated when I started, simply because it was new and I wasn’t sure and I forgot to print out my guide. But really, once you start it gets easy pretty quickly!


Go to

Click log in at the top right side (or sign up if you still need to do that!)

One you log in you will see the words MY JBF PROFILE.

From this page you will be able to enter your tags. Your universal consignor number is right up above the green line. Be sure you are signed up for your event! This page will also tell you what shifts you are signed up for if you are volunteering (and you can add more!) From this page you can also change your password, refer a friend, and look at/edit your profile.

You will now see a screen that says “My JBF tags” and you are ready to begin!

When you click on create tags, you will notice that all of the spots are already checked for reduced and donate. If you are going to donate anything unsold, BE SURE that you are also reducing the rate…may as well get all you can! If you want to keep the item and try to sell it in the next sale or give to someone, then do not donate, you can pick it up after the sale. I always reduce unless it is an item I want to try and sell again for whatever reason…you will find you end up making more, especially if you tend to price high in the first place like me!


Get together EVERYTHING in one spot...I usually pick in front of the t.v. with a good dose of lifetime movies ready to watch. Get things like your computer, packaging tape, safety pins, scissors, different size ziploc bags, string or ribbon, a pen, tagging gun, and items.

Start entering your items and keep them in order of how you are entering them. Save often so that you don’t accidentally lose your information or get timed out and have to start over! When doing descriptions, be short, sweet and accurate. I tag toys and large items first in case I run out of time (plus, knowing how much I have done already helps when you get tired). Tape the tag on the item securely in a noticeable spot. Also be sure you put a tag on all parts of multiple item products. Put small pieces of toys in a bag, tape the top, and attach it to the toy. For shoes, you can put them in a ziplock bag or use a ribbon or zip tie to keep the shoes together.

When printing be sure that you have new ink so that the barcode prints clearly and won’t have problems when being rang up at the register. After every fifty or so, print up your tags. To save paper, I always print six per page. My printer always prints last page first, but some print first page last, so be sure you know which way they are printing and then organize them accordingly. Then cut the pages, last items first (in other words, you are putting the first item you tagged as the bottom of the stack and the last item you tagged on the top of the stack). This way, you can just go right on through and tag without having to search for your tags.

You can either tag your clothes with a tagging gun (which I recommend) or safety pins. Be sure you have safety pins of many different sizes!  Before you begin tagging, look over all the information and watch the tagging video on THIS PAGE. It will save you tons of time and has all the information you need. Here is also a great pricing guideline to help you decide how much you should price your items at!

And now you are ready for drop-off! See you at the sale!

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