Aurora Just Between Friends Consignment Sale!

February 23, 2012

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By: Vicki Little
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The Just Between Friends Sale of Aurora has become more than just a sale to me, it has become a huge event. An extravaganza that I look forward to twice a year. I actually put money aside through the year just to spend at the sale! Being a vendor, a consignor, a volunteer and a shopper at many of the sales, I have seen all angles. I get to see the background that not everyone does. I see the family that is behind the sale. I see the care that is put into looking at each and every item to make sure it is of good quality and gently loved. I have seen the hard work of the volunteers that transform the consignment sale into a miniature retail store. And I have seen the huge amount of items that go to charity to help the lives of so many children after the sale is over.

And it really is like a little mini-retail store. There is everything! There are books, clothes, shoes, beds, bedding, strollers, bouncers, potty seats, maternity clothes, bottles, room decorations, gift ideas, toys and toys and toys and more toys, video' a new mom you can walk into a sale and walk out with absolutely everything you will need to bring that baby home and at an amazing price! Every sale I have been to I have purchased gifts, usually for my own children. There are a surprising amount of toys that are brand new (or so barely used you would never even know they were). There are items that aren't the "popular" toy at the moment so they are a unique present for Easter or a birthday party. And the clothes are perfect. With the way kids grow, it is impossible to keep up without spending a fortune....unless you shop at the Just Between Friends sales!

Even better than being a shopper is being a consignor! The sale is the PERFECT time for you to dig those un-played with toys from the bottom of the toybox, sort through the outgrown clothes in the closet and unclutter the playroom. The best part? You can get money for all of this! The even better part? You don't have to feel guity about not donating them. You can choose to donate anything that isn't sold to charity. It is absolutely a win-win for all. But, if you still need convincing, here are some reasons for you to consign.....

  • Clean your closets, cash in your pockets! Average consignor checks over $300!
  • As a consignor you make 65% of your profits and you set the price of each of the items you put in the sale. Your $10 consignor fee will be taken out of your check.
  • EVEN MORE MONEY: JBF-Aurora loves it when consignors refer their friends.
    That's why you can earn an extra $10 on your check (or $10 in JBF bucks if you are not consigning)
  • JBF has earned a reputation for quality items, which is why they have only the BEST gently used items for shoppers to choose from. Not having to sort through junk means shoppers will buy more and spend more on your incredible things.
  • Consignors get to shop before the public to find the best deals first.
  • A free bar coding website. This will allow you a fun, fast & convenient way to price your items and track your sales!
  • You can put anything and everything that has to do with raising a child in the sale: clothing, shoes, toys, baby equipment, furniture, games...and maternity clothes!
  • FREE advice and help from experienced JBF moms on pricing suggestions, how to tag those awkward items, and more!
  • Just Between Friends- Aurora supports local charities, so if you choose to donate your unsold items they go into use in our local community immediately to help moms and kids in need!

The next sale is March23-25th at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds (25690 E. Quincy Ave)

For more information visit the JBF Aurora website

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