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September 15, 2011
By: Vicki Little
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Wow September is a busy month. It seems like it is flying by as parties and meeting and press activities fill my calendar. Tonight was a fun one, though. I joined the Mile High Mama's at the T-Rex exhibit at the Denver Museum. It was so fun! The HUGE dinosaurs moved and roared and delighted the kids. The exhibit was so interactive, my children weren't bored for one minute! I highly recommend visiting the museum while the exhibit is still going on!

We had a great back to school party last weekend. It was absolutely amazing to see my house transform from clean to every toy in site on the floor in about 5 minutes. No joke. EVERYWHERE you went it was crazy. Amazingly, there were no fights-even with 14 kids. My friends and I actually got to sit and TALK. Somebody said that their husband once said "this is what I thought being a parent would be....without all that baby stuff that came before". Parenting definitely has a constantly changing job description!

Next week I will include a recipe of the fun ladybugs I made, and this week's edition includes the mommy goodie bags I made to show my friends my appreciation of THEM!

I hope you are surviving September! Are you thinking about those Halloween costumes yet?

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