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September 15, 2011

Mess free collage

By: Maggie Mackay
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I love the idea of collages, but let’s be honest they are a MESS!  That’s why I LOVE this project!  So simple you can do it with very young children and so fun and creative that even teens will enjoy it!  But the best part by far is the mess free part!

What you’ll need….

Clear contact paper


A couple heavy objects (paperweights, cups, rocks, etc.)

Collage materials of your choice, here are a few ideas (photographs, pictures cut out of magazines, shapes cut out of paper-scrapbook or construction, feathers, small/lightweight beads or buttons, tissue paper, fabric scraps, etc.).

What you'll do....

Cut a piece of contact paper (any size or shape you want)

Place it on the table, sticky side up.

I like to put paperweights on the very edges of the paper for my kids, so it doesn’t flip over in the middle of creating. 

Allow your kids to use the collage materials to create a masterpiece…NO glue required because everything sticks to the contact paper! 

Collages make great presents! Simply have your kids use photos of themselves with the gift receiver and pop it in a frame!  I also LOVE to do this project during large play dates.  The materials are inexpensive, the mess is minimal, and the options and creativity are limitless!

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