June 15, 2011

Name the mascot!

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Hey all you Lil' All Stars! It is time to name your mascot! You don't have to be a Lil' All Star, all names and ideas are welcome!

Our Lil' All Star is actually the creative process of a local teen, who happens to be the daughter of the Broomfield Macaroni Publishing Mom. Kaylee was amazing and patient and took all of the ideas that were flying out of about three different adults heads. We couldn't even envision what we wanted....but Kaylee sure did. And the second we saw her first draft we knew she had done it, and done it well. There were very few changes we needed to make. Kaylee is truly a talented girl, and we are very proud of her and believe she will go far in her career with her amazing talent.

The Lil' All Star has been around for about two seasons now, and is desperate for a name, and we thought who better to name him than you! So here is the nitty gritty:

All names must be submitted by July 25th.

Names should be submitted on Lil' All Stars facebook wall, and will be announced via facebook as well.

The judging team will be consisted of coaches, Andy, Angie, Vicki, and of course Cesaria! It will be anonymous, all names will be given to judges without the names of those who submitted them attached.


The person who comes up with the winning name will receive $40 off the next season's tuition!!!

(coaches and administrative personnel are not eligible)

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